I’m a Fan of my School... favorite teachers, bench mates, dearest friends, small games, exam fevers, competitions, anniversaries...innocent & memorable times worth a life!

I’m a Fan of my College... seminars, big games, fests, poking freshers, spooning the big mans, presenting papers, r & d, farewells, interviews...gotcha friends, wisdom & professional attitude to Stand Straight in the World!

Education in Kakinada

Education is an eventual way for a human to attain wisdom and the power of etiquette.

Due to this well–worth importance of learning, parents would obviously want their child to have the best of it. Having a ‘good’ educational institute nearby is considered as a boon in these polluted and hectic days.

Residents of Kakinada are fortunate in this area as the city is blessed with lots of Schools, Convents, Private Colleges, Government Colleges and Universities located in prime centers of the locality. Kakinada always has been and still is the cubicle of Education in the Andhra Pradesh State.

Schools in Kakinada

All Indian Standard Boards of Education are supported by various Schools established in Kakinada.

Schools in Kakinada impart Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (APSE), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabuses.

All of the boards have their own importance of syllabus structure which helps in teaching fine education and knowledge to children.

The Most Liked Schools Column in the upper part of this page shows the Top 5 Schools as reviewed and rated by parents and students of Kakinada.

Junior Colleges in Kakinada

+2, the Classes of 11 and 12 – Intermediate works as a bridge between the secondary education and the professional course the student is going to learn and be eligible for.

A big number of famous Residential Colleges has been established in the Kakinada town recently setting the grounds of competitive spirit spread high amongst the students to flourish well in their academic scores. Parents can just relax if they can afford to join to their children in one of these reputed residential colleges.

Government Colleges in Kakinada are also putting their efforts constantly in improvising their infrastructures and teaching faculty. A number of recent changes took place in the Government Colleges Campuses in increasing the departments and greenery as well. It is a good sign for students who are self-initiative and love to learn with peace of mind.

Junior Colleges in Kakinada impart Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education (APBIE) syllabus to students.

The Most Liked Colleges Column in the upper part of this page shows the Top 5 Colleges as reviewed and rated by parents and students of Kakinada.

Degree Colleges in Kakinada

Kakinada has an amazing number of Graduation & Post Graduation Colleges, both Government and Private, providing various educational sectors. Professional Courses like Engineering, Polytechnic, Medicine, Fashion Designing & Technology, Hotel Management, Business Management, B.Ed, Nursing, Law, Fisheries and Distance Education are imparted in a number of Colleges locally established.

Students all over India as well as NRI’s prefer Colleges in Kakinada as their place of study due to the quality education Kakinada colleges are famed for.

The Most Liked Colleges Column in the upper part of this page shows the Top 5 Colleges as reviewed and rated by parents and students of Kakinada.

Universities in Kakinada

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University – Kakinada (JNTU–K) and Rangaraya Medical College (RMC) are the two Universities standing proudly in the heart of the port city, Kakinada.

JNTU–K is a beautiful campus of 110 acres in green bed. This College of Engineering has 5 Engineering departments with latest infrastructure: Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

RMC is the Government Medical College established right opposite to JNTU–K and equals JNTU–K in campus size as well as activities. The Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry and Biochemistry departments have well–equipped laboratories.